Goodwill Partners


Our partners include the nonprofits, businesses, and governments to whom we make grants. Other partners may co-fund work or help us bring together multiple players working toward a common goal.

Goodwill: Investing In Communities And Fostering Opportunity

Our commitment to using the power of technology to help communities thrive and enable people achieve their potential continues to drive our work at EZECOM. One of our most important goals is to expand access to the benefits of digital technology beyond our client base to reach those in need.


Our initiative EZECAMPUS offers free internet to the top Universities in Cambodia, reaching over 65,000 students; Next we intend to broaden the access to technology and technology training for high school pupils, expanding this initiative to the mainstream schools of the country.

Mith Samlanh (Friends)

EZECOM provides free internet for the computer classroom of Mith Samlanh (Friends International) a world renowned NGO working with marginalized children for a better future. Old promotional material of EZECOM gets recycled by parents in the Home Based Production project, so that their children can go to school instead of working on the streets, in to corporate gifts for EZECOM. If you want to know more about the work friends does please visit:

Development Innovations and 5D Lab

Development Innovations is a USAID funded project to help turn ideas that use technology into solutions that change Cambodia for the better. A big part of the project is the shared office space and innovation “lab”, better known as the 5D Lab, equipped with EZECOM internet, that is freely available to any individual or organization in Cambodia interested in using technology to create social innovation. For more information visit




EzeCampus is the name we have given to EZECOM’s support to education in Cambodia. In June of 2010 the first step in the EzeCampus program was announced. In cooperation with the Ministry of Education EZECOM installed fibre optic connection is the top universities of Phnom Penh, giving the students at their university access to high speed internet. Further EZECOM entitled students from all universities to 10% discount on EZECOM Pulse packages for their home.

This first step in the EzeCampus gave 65 000 students access to high speed internet.

In August 2012 we announced the second phase of the EzeCampus project: We have provided internet service and computer equipment to 50 general secondary education schools and teacher training institutions in the country. With this agreement EZECOM will provide broader educational resources to classes in various provinces countrywide. It also means that distance learning may become a reality for hundreds of thousands of students nationwide in the near future. The donation in the form of free Internet service and network installments is worth tens of thousands of US dollars.

This second step expanded the number of students benefiting from this with another ten thousand.

Regarding the project Paul Blanche-Horgan, CEO of Ezecom, said, “Ezecom always wishes to use its IT capacity to contribute to the country’s development. This plan will allow us to use our 9000-kilometer optical cable network to provide educational opportunities to youth across the country.” Among all our corporate social responsibility projects education takes a special role and we are always looking for ways to contribute to Cambodia’s development.


Student Discount


At nine of the top universities of Cambodia EZECOM provides free internet for all students to use and help with their study. And if you want to continue to study at home – EZECOM can give you a special 10% discount on our Pulse Packages. This promotion is only applicable if you study at one of our EzeCampus universities.

Is your university not a part of the EzeCampus program? Contact your university or contact EZECOM to see if your university is applicable for your program.

These are current our EzeCampus universities in Phnom Penh:

  • Western University
  • University of Health Science
  • Build Bright University
  • Royal University of Phnom Penh
  • Cambodian Mekong University
  • Financial Institute of Cambodia
  • Institute of foreign langague
  • Pannasastra University of Cambodia
  • Passerelles numériques

Did you know that in October 2012 we expanded our EzeCampus project to the provinces? We are now supplying free internet to 50 selected high school through the whole country. Besides free internet for the students to use – EZECOM has set-up a VPN network which allows the Ministry of Education to take the first steps towards E-learning. Besides teach the teacher courses, easy dissemination of information – also simulcast lectures are now possible thanks to this donation from EZECOM.



Ezecom Call to Action

On February 22, 2017, Samdach Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia re-informed the public that “All Microfinance institutions belong to private sector not to government.”