The four-day festival, from 12-15 March, aims to excite and inspire Cambodian students to explore the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and encourage them to think about careers in STEM.

The festival is being organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the tag line “In Cambodia, science is everywhere. Cambodia runs on sciences, let’s make that science Cambodian”.

Festival organisers are currently touring the country promoting the festival and recruiting students to take part in STEM workshops ahead of the festival itself.

At the festival, students will be led through workshops where real scientists will demonstrate hands-on science, partake in creative thought and problem solving exercises with design professionals and engineers, and tour interesting exhibition booths throughout the festival grounds.

It is also an opportunity for academic institutions, NGOs and companies to come together and contribute something interesting to excite Cambodia’s future generation about science and innovation.

As a Silver Sponsor, EZECOM is proud to be playing its part in promoting science and innovation among Cambodian students across the country.

We encourage everyone to join the event and reignite their natural curiosity in science and technology. For more information, please visit the Science and Engineering Festival website .

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