The carnival is popular with the locals and tourist, and utilizes a lot of fun bright, colorful costumes, cheerful music and free style dancing. The street parades during the day will touch more than 10,000 local residents and tourists with their cheerful charm and joyous atmosphere. At night, fun and free concert will come alive where thousands will be entertained through the night.

However, the carnival is not all about fun and amusement also. Every year the parade brings participants’ attentions to important matters in the society. This year’s theme of the carnival is Road Safety. Road safety is a serious issue in Cambodia and it is only with everyone’s support and contribution will we be able to make the roads safer for ourselves and our children.

EZECOM firmly believes in the importance of raising awareness and promoting actions and attention to this issue. Please respect traffic laws and travel prudently to create safer roads for everyone. And if you happen to be in the general area between March 12 and 14, come have fun with us in this lovely carnival.

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