The Debate Challenge series is a debate competition by IFL Debate Club to provide a platform for non-members of the Debate Club to engage in friendly debate competitions so as to promote the culture of debate among students, and at the same time allowing them to demonstrate their talents in debating, public speaking, persuasion, and more.

The competition is structured like a sports competition and will begin with twelve or sixteen debate teams. Teams will debate each other in a controlled and professional setting, complete with judges and facilitators. The losing team will be eliminated and over a period of four weeks team will battle wits with each other through quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the eventual final clash for number one.

As a very socially responsible company of Cambodia, EZECOM is proud to support this valuable and exciting competition and contribute to the development of critical and well-informed students and citizens in Cambodia.

Show your support and register to be a participant to the competition. Join and witness their battles of words and wits – and discover your inner debater. For more information, please visit the Institute of Foreign Language.

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