EZECOM, Cambodia’s leading internet provider, is proud to announce its partnership with Passerelles numériques (PN), an organization that provides information and communications technology training to poor and underprivileged youth in Cambodia.


EZECOM has become a Project Sponsor with PN, which means they are sponsoring a class in Guidance to Employment, helping to provide support to some of the poorest young adults in the country.

Passerelles numériques is a French-based non-profit organization that works to provide its students with technical IT skills, fluency in English, and the professional skills and ability to deal with customers’ requests.

In 2005, Passerelles numériques created its first school in Phnom Penh to help disadvantaged students access a high-level education and find qualified employment.

Their program is constantly updated to answer the growing needs of the market.

After graduating, students can count on PN’s support, thanks to the Job Placement service, which guarantees that all students find a job within three months of graduating.

Since 2005, in Cambodia, 1,000+ students have completed their studies with PN, and 97 percent found skilled employment within two months.

Paul Blanche Horgan, CEO of EZECOM, says the company is delighted to offer its support to PN. “At EZECOM, we understand the importance of technical training and having good English language skills. We think that PN is doing a brilliant job of producing highly-trained graduates ready to enter the Cambodian job market with extremely marketable skill-sets, and we want to support the work they do in any way we can.”

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