EZECOM, Cambodia’s leading communications service provider, 'packs a punch' with marketing support of CTN’s King of the Ring live televised international kickboxing tournament.

The event, which is due to be held on Friday November 29th, will be broadcast live to millions of people across Cambodia. It is the biggest event in CTN's 2013 kickboxing calendar.

The tournament will see some of the best kickboxers from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos take to the ring against international kickboxers from the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union. A crowd of thousands is expected to watch the bouts live in CTN's outdoor arena.

EZECOM’s CEO, Okhna Paul Blanche-Horgan says: “Cambodian kickboxing is a source of national pride and as a local company EZECOM  is proud to lend its support to the sport as well as the kickboxers themselves by sponsoring  this event.”

CTN's KING of the Ring in just one of a number of events EZECOM has sponsored in 2013 including the Startup Weekend and TechCamp.

EZECOM was launched in 2007 and has since become one of Cambodia’s leading suppliers of communication services. EZECOM offers fibre optic, WIMAX and internet-based solutions to companies and consumers across Cambodia.

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