It is now even easier to pay your bill from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere in the world. All Acleda customers can now pay their EZECOM invoice from their own mobile phone .

Follow these easy steps to pay your bill via ACLEDA with your mobile phone.

1 Go to ACLEDA Unity menu
2 Select “Bill Payment” for bill payment
3 Select “Make Bill Payment”
4 Select “EZECOM”
5 Select the account which you wish to make the payment.
6 Select Consumer Number for your payment.If you don’t have one, Select “Create New Consumer Number” to enter your Ezecom Customer ID.
7 Enter your Customer ID (Eg. 14523) and press “NEXT”
8 Enter the US dollar amount of your bill, and press “NEXT”
9 Please verify your payment details, then press
10 Your payment is successfully processed

For full information on how to sign up for ACLEDA account please go to your nearest ACLEDA branch.

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