It is being billed as Cambodia's answer to the world famous Glastonbury Festival - or the Cambridge Folk Festival - and it goes by the name of the Amazing Acoustic Picnic. It is an event organised by Mith Samlanh (Friends) and supported by the country's leading communications supplier EZECOM.

EZECOM - who are already providing free internet services to the students at Mith Samlanh - are extending their support of the non-governmental organisation by sponsoring their arts and music fund-raising extravaganza that is taking place mid-February. EZECOM is a Gold sponsor of the event which takes place at 2pm on March 23rd at the Mith Samlanh Centre on Street 13 in downtown Phnom Penh.

""We, at Ezecom, have always had the utmost admiration and respect for Mith Samlanh and everything that the organisation stands for. Once again we are delighted to show our support in what we believe to be an extremely worthwhile cause," said Ezecom CEO Paul Blanche-Horgan.

According to the organisation, the objective of the event is to raise funds for Mith Samlanh's Art & Culture department as well as to raise "awareness of Mith Samlanh's positive role and encouraging broad community interaction via Arts and Music."

The event is free for children who will have the chance to join in arts and craft activities as well as games.

Entrance for adults will cost USD $3. Top bands the Cambodian Space Project, Kheltica and Snake Grass Union are expected to play acoustic sets.

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