Ezecom, a leading Internet service provider in Cambodia, has entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports to provide internet service and computer equipment to 50 general secondary education schools and teacher training institutions across the country.


This agreement, entered into in August 2012, will provide broader educational resources to classes in various provinces countrywide. It also means that distance learning may become a reality for hundreds of thousands of students nationwide in the near future.

With regard to the statement issued by Ezecom Company together with the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Royal Government of Cambodia, Ezecom will provide free internet services to 50 schools and teacher training institutions across the country. The Ministry of Education is expected to provide training courses and teaching–learning documents via the Internet, which will assist teachers in the provinces to improve their skills. His Excellency IM Sithy, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, said, “This is another model of how public and private sectors can work together to contribute to the development of Cambodia.”

Ezecom Company will provide optical cable network installment and Internet service free of charge to 50 schools and teacher training institutions countrywide. According to Ezecom Company, the installment is complete, and the Internet services have already been set up for use.

Mr. Paul Blanche-Horgan, Director of Ezecom Company, said, “Ezecom always wishes to use its IT capacity to contribute to the country’s development. This plan will allow us to use our 9000-kilometer optical cable network to provide educational opportunities to youth across the country.”

According to Mr. Blanche-Horgan, the donation in the form of free Internet service and network installments is worth tens of thousands of US dollars. Around ten thousand students will reap the benefits of this free Internet service.

Ezecom Company was incorporated in 2007 and since then, it has established itself as one of many leading Internet service providers in Cambodia. Ezecom provides WI MAX optical cable service and solutions via the Internet to companies and customers across Cambodia. Ezecom recently bought an optical cable company, Telcotech, and has widened its service coverage to as much as 99% of the country.

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