An exhibit showcasing a dress and accessories made entirely from recycled materials went on display in downtown Phnom Penh this week.

'The exhibit, which features an outfit made from a recycled EZECOM promotional banner as well as handbags and purses made from discarded PVC, is the result of a collaboration between non -governmental organisation Mith Samlanh and the country's leading supplier of communications services, EZECOM.

"There is a two-fold purpose to this exhibit," said EZECOM spokesperson Inge Rikkert "We wanted to highlight the excellent work of Mith Samlanh and their vocational training while also showing the public that technology companies such as ourselves are mindful of the environment and eco-friendly practices."

The students at Mith Samlanh - which means Friends in English - designed and produced the items that were put on display as part of their vocational training courses. Some of the young people involved in the creation of the products attended the exhibition's launch with Friends International Communications manager James Sutherland.

"Much of what we do here with vocational training involves using materials," said Friends International Communications Manager James Sutherland. "We thought creating such an exhibit would be an ideal way to teach our students the value of those materials as well as the benefits of being environmentally friendly."

CTN presenter and former model Lita, who wore the dress, said that 'it was the first time she had been asked to work with such unusual materials.

"As a model I was asked to wear many different styles of outfit but this is the first time I have modeled a dress made from PVC," Lita said. "It had a strange texture but I do think it is a fantastic idea to re-use products - no matter what they are."

Anyone wishing to see the dress that Lita modeled as well at the other accessories created by the students of Mith Samlanh are invited to visit EZECOM's E-cafe on Preah Sihanouk Boulevard. The exhibit will remain on display at the EZECOM outlet until August XX.

The recycled fashion exhibit marks the second time that EZECOM has collaborated with Mith Samlanh. The technology company is already providing free internet to the students at the organisation to help with their vocational training.

Mith Samlanh was founded in 1994. It is a local non-governmental organisation founded by Friends International. Its mission is to improve the lives of Cambodia's street children as well as their families through education and training. The organization currently works with over 2000 marginalized children and young people in Phnom Penh.

Mith Samlanh's international sister-organisation Friends International was recently listed as one of the World Top 100 NGOs in The Global Journal. Friends was recognised for the organisation's 'impact, innovation, transparency, accountability and efficiency'.

EZECOM was launched in 2007 and has since become one of the country's leading suppliers of communication services. EZECOM offers fibre optic, WIMAX and internet-based solutions to companies and consumers across Cambodia. Recently EZECOM acquired fibre optic company Telcotech thus expanding its nationwide coverage to 99% of the country.

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