Ezecom - the country's leading communications company - has won an award as the country's best internet service provider for the second year running.

Ezecom received the award for "Best Internet Service Provider 2012" from the International Data Group (IDG) and National ICT Development Authority (NiDA) as part of the 4th Cambodia ICT Product and Service Awards. Ezecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Blanche-Horgan received the award at a ceremony at Raffles Hotel Le Royal on Friday night.

"All of us at Ezecom are immensely proud of this fantastic achievement," Ezecom Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paul Blanche-Horgan. "It just shows that we - as a company and a team - have managed to maintain our standards and improve our service."

The award, which is billed as the first of its kind in Cambodia, asks the general public to vote for the most popular internet service provider. The award itself is endorsed by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Winners are judged on their innovation, service and technical standards.

"Since winning the award last year we have notched up some impressive achievements," Blanche-Horgan continued. "Now we have 7000 kilometres of fibre optic covering 99% of the country, we have an international standard Disaster Recovery Centre and we also contribute to security on the roads in and around Phnom Penh with our network of traffic cameras."

"In addition to all this we are still providing reliable, international standard internet services to the businesses and communities of Cambodia," Blanche-Horgan added.

Ezecom was launched in 2007 and has since become one of the country’s leading suppliers of communication services. Ezecom offers fibre optic, WIMAX and internet-based solutions to companies and consumers across Cambodia. Recently Ezecom acquired fibre optic company Telcotech thus expanding its nationwide coverage to 99% of the country.                                                                                                                                           

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