19.03.12: EZECOM is now sponsor of the Comedy Club Cambodia. These two monthly events aim for laughs. So bring your friends and see some international comedy – right here in Phnom Penh. Coming Monday, at the next edition The Comedy Club presents three comedy stars from all over the world.

EARL OKIN (UK) is an act that totally defies description: 'Musical Genius' and 'Sex Symbol' are the two most common labels - the former is accurate, the latter ironic. Earl quite simply must be experienced to be understood. He is not a comic as such, yet is absolutely hilarious and totally unique. Earl is as charming as he is brilliant. You must see this guy at least once in your life. As a singer-songwriter, he was signed to thesamecompanyasThe Beatles and indeed recorded his first single at Abbey Road Studios. An accomplishedjazzand bossa nova musician,Earl hasperformedaroundthe world and entertained Queen ElizabethII, as well as the King and Queen of Sweden.

TOMMY DEAN (USA) was born and raised in Arizona, but 20 years ago upgraded to Australia to become one of his adopted country's most admired comedians. Not your stereotypical Yank, this is an American who eats vegemite and understands cricket. Tommy’s comedy is intelligent, insightful and as sharp as a tack, and his astute, clean,observational comedic style consistently make him a stand out winner with theatre audiences, corporateclients, festival producers, TV and radio shows alike. “Tommy Dean is Awesome.” FOXTEL MAGAZINE

RON JOSOL (CAN/ PHIL) is Canada's funniest Pinoy and one of the country’s funniest comedians full-stop. We were lucky to get Ron on a stopover to LA from a huge comedy event in Doha. Ron is a high energy, positive performer with a modishcomedystyle and commanding stage presence, bringing a unique Asian-Canadian perspective to his comedy. He is well known to Canadian and US audiences through his numerous festival and TV appearances. “The new generation of Asian comedy.” NEW YORK TIMES

Monday March 19at Pontoon, 80 Street 172

The doors open at 19.00 – tickets are $10 each and include a Tiger beer.

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