Do you hate standing in traffic jams? Are you wondering what way to take to work or school? Check it out on the EZECOM website before you leave home!

EZECOM has installed traffic camera’s on key locations in Phnom Penh. All the camera’s work on the EZECOM fibre optic network and are the latest in camera technology. The EZECOM traffic camera project is playing a vital role in helping the police increase traffic safety in the Kingdom. Besides finding the images on our website 24/7 CTN also gives you an update on the traffic situation in their morning news.

The cameras are located at:

  • 7 Makara Bridge
  • Riverside
  • Monivong Boulevard
  • Camko City
  • Tuol Kork
  • Moa Tse Toung Boulevard
  • Sydney
  • Chamcoa
  • Steng Che bridge

So if you never want to stand in a jam again, or are just curious, check the EZECOM website before you leave home.

Click here to take a look at the live traffic

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