11th September 2011: As the Main Sponsor of the third annual WE concert EZECOM would like to congratulate the organizers and volunteers of the concert with their accomplishment. The WE concert took place on the 11th of September 2011 at the Cambodian Mekong University in Phnom Penh.

This is the third year EZECOM has sponsored this charity concert, organized by CMU Student Volunteers for the Community (CSVC). Initiated in 2009 to help support a struggling orphanage. The student committee got together the following years to keep continue to give back to the community. Every year a new worthy cause is chosen and students from the whole university get together to organize a great event and raise enough money to accomplish next year’s goal.

This year’s goal was to build a classroom for an overcrowded school in a remote are. KrangChek Primary School in Kampong Speu province will soon be featuring a brand new school room, so all children in the area can be educated, while having a roof over their head. The combined effort of the 72 student volunteers will result in a better education for the next generation.

EZECOM is particularly happy to see this kind of community involvement from students of an EZECAMPUS school. The EZECAMPUS project ensures all students at selected universities have access to high speed internet so they can further their studies. EZECOM is very happy to see students initiate projects that give back from the communities they came for. EZECOM is looking forward to next year

If you want to see more on this event please go to EZECOM EZE-EVENTS for the whole multimedia coverage of this event.

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