1st August 2011: EZECOM launches EZECOM ITFS; EZECOM is the first Cambodian company to offer this technology. EZECOM ITFS offers local companies a cost effective and easy way to access an international client base.With EZECOM ITFS companies set up a local presence on a global scale, to support international customers and employees without the added expense of setting up local offices.

When a company signs up for ITFS they will be assigned a local prefix number forwarding the call to any chosen number at no cost for their clients. EZECOM ITFS gives a small business a very large presence and a large business more personalized customer service making it ideal for the growing business community in Cambodia. With Cambodian companies increasing their global presence this technology EZECOM ITFS offers companies a way to enter and gain trust in new markets.

By combining our experience as being the largest provider of VOIP services in Cambodia with our International partners, EZECOM is ideally placed to lead the introduction of the technology. Our Fibre Optic Backbone and our partnership in the international AAG cable ensure that we deliver the highest quality for the best price.

EZECOM ITFS is ideal for businesses and other organizations that prize global reach as an essential strategic step. EZECOM offers customers competitive usage rates on a per country basis. Please call 023 888 181 for more information. We have Khmer, English, Chinese and Thai speaking staff.

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