21st May 2011: Ezecom, Cambodia’s premium Internet provider has opened a new office in Koh Kong to further enhance the availability of telecommunications in Cambodia’s major towns and cities. The opening was celebrated with an openings party attended by press, business representatives, and EZECOM management team, with a lucky draw at the end of the day.

Ezecom has committed itself to invest country wide, state of the art fibre optic network. Due to limitations of the traditional phone network, laying extensive fibre optic cable is vital to the future and development of Cambodia's communication infrastructure. Without such investments it would be difficult for Cambodia to make the progress in the digital age that it needs in order to be a big player in the world market. With Ezecom’s fibre network Cambodian companies have access to technologies that aren’t even widely available in more developed countries.

The opening of this new office that increases the access to both telecommunication and data services in Cambodia is part of Ezecom’s expansion. Since its establishment Ezecom has grown rapidly and established itself as the leader of the field. By staying innovative and making investments in Cambodian infrastructure and human resources, Ezecom will continue to lead Cambodia into the future.

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