20th May 2011 : EZECOM today announces that it has acquired 100% shares of TELCOTECH Ltd (TCT) as an addition to the EZECOM group of companies.


TCT is a wholesale fibre company with domestic distribution and ownership in the Asia American (AAG) submarine cable network.

Ezecom Ltd is the major wholesale and ISP in Cambodia with National, Metro and Gpon fibre networks throughout Cambodia. Ezecom at present have thee International routes and offer many products including fibre networks, MPLS, Data centre, disaster recovery centre and VoIP services throughout Cambodia.

According to EZECOM CEO, Mr Paul Blanche-Horgan, TCT brings a complementary strategic vision and product technologies to the group. He goes on to state the incentive for this acquisition is the belief that the combination of these two companies can deliver greater value, "By joining forces we have a vast opportunity for further growth based on mutual strengths”. “We are continuing to improve and provide the Cambodian people worldwide quality services, whilst reducing costs and making internet more available and affordable throughout the country"

Principle among these strengths is ownership in the Asia American Gateway (AAG) submarine cable, complimentary national optical fibre cable networks and enhanced metro customer access network in Phnom Penh and other regional cities.

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