From today on it is possible to pay your EZECOM bill with Cellcard Cash. Besides being the first & only ISP in Cambodia who offers E-payment, you can now also pay your bill from anywhere you want, through your Cellcard mobile phone. EZECOM is again the first and only ISP in Cambodia offering this service.

Follow these easy steps to pay your bill with your Cellcard phone:
1. Dial #777# to go to the Cellcard Cash Menu.
2. Press "Reply" type "5" for Bill payment and press "Send".
3. Press "Reply" type "2" for EZECOM bill payment and press "Send".
4. Press "Reply", type the invoice number printed on your bill, and press "Send".
5. Pres "Reply", type the amount you wish to pay in USD, and press "Send".
6. Press "Reply", type your MPIN, and press "Send".
7. Receive SMS confirmation.

For full information on how to sign up for Cellcard Cash go to your nearest Cellcard outlet or check the Cellcard website.

Please note that there is a $0,50 fee per transaction.

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