EZECOM is happy to announce our sponsorship of the Cambodia 2011 Mountain Bike Series. Cambodia Mountain Bike Series is an annual event conducted at five different stages. The first series will take place at Phnom Baset.

Cambodia 2011 Mountain Bike Series is an open race for all the public competitors who are interesting in joining. It has four different categories base upon the skills and age of the competitors starting from Expert open (A), Junior, from 20 years and below (B1), Intermediate open (B2), and Novice open (C). Many national and international competitors will crowd at the racing site and start a very challenging race for the championship. This event aims not just to compete but also strengthen the cooperation between people from different cultures while supplying fun and pleasure to all the participants. Most importantly, this race aims to attract as many Cambodian young cyclists as possible in order to develop the bike racing sport in Cambodia. EZECOM is proud to be a part of that.

Round 1: April 10th Phnom Baset,
Round 2: May 22nd Kep,
Round 3: July 3rd Phnom Penh,
Round 4: August 21st Kirriom,
Round 5: October 23rd Phnom Baset

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