EZECOM will be the sponsor of Kep Beach Festival held in Kep. Kep Beach Festival is a one-day event consisting of musical performances of all types of artists. EZECOM is very happy to be sponsoring this event.

The Ministry of Tourism in Kep, in co-operation with several local businesses, is organizing a music festival which is the first of hopefully regular returning cultural events on Kep’s main beach. The objectives are to make Kep a more attractive tourist destination, to promote Cambodian and international culture to locals and foreigners alike, and eventually to support humanitarian causes that help Cambodia’s most vulnerable people. This event is expected to be a crucial mechanism to raise and share some of the profit with child-protection organisation Action Pour Les Enfants (APLE), who works very hard to save Cambodian children from sexual abuse.

The event will take place on 05 March 2011 in Kep.

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