EZECOM is happy to announce our main sponsorship of the 7th International. EZECOM is as always proud to be involved in the development of Cambodia. This tournament with its international allure will most defiantly contribute to a positive image of Cambodia in the rest of the world.

Besides committing to be the main sponsor of the Equestrian Center, EZECOM has also signed up to sponsor the soccer team of the Cambodian Country Club for the whole of 2011.

Although equestrian sport is not yet main strain in the Kingdom, local riders will outnumber foreigner rider by 30 -20 at the Jumping Championship. A total of 50 riders will participate in the tournament. The price ceremony will be led by a member of the Royal Family of Cambodia.

The tournament starts on Sunday the 30th of January with its Grand Opening and the 1st day of the competition. The second day of the completion will take place on February the sixth. The Grand Finale will take place on February the 13th.

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