EZECOM is proud to present the new Pulse Lifestyle packages. Pulse Lifestyle combines unlimited broadband with fantastic speeds with at unbelievable low cost.

Pulse Lifestyle packages are an upgrade to our existing Lifestyle packages. We are able to offer this upgrade because of increased investment in the EZECOM infrastructure during the last year, which allows us to offer you a faster connection.

For our valued customers this means that they will automatically be upgraded to a new Pulse package with NO additional costs to them. So More Speed at no extra cost.

“PULSE Lifestyle” acknowledges those high demand home-users along with the small business network, facilitating a service both fast and cost effective.

All PULSE packages are unlimited with outstanding pricing starting from only 19$ a month, for a 64k daytime / 128k nighttime connection, with speeds up to 1.5M costing a mere 99S.

Pulse Lifestyle… Life with no limits

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