Ezecom Supported Cambodia ICT Awards 2017 Announcing The Best ICT Acheivement This Year

Phnom Penh: On Friday 21, July 2017, Cambodia ICT Awards (CICTA) 2017 is held at Ministry of Post and Telecommunications marking announcing various winners for the six awards categories.

Founded by NIPTICT in 2015, Cambodia ICT Awards (CICTA) is a prestigious award dedicated to the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs in Cambodia. The six awards categories included Public Sector, Private Sector, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital Content, Start-up Company, and Research and Development.

More importantly, CICTA was created to serve as a benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity and offering business and funding opportunities and as a facilitator in bringing Cambodian company to the next level by participating in Regional and International Awards in-line with Cambodia ICT Master Plan 2020: “Promote innovation in ICT industry in Cambodia”

As a leading ISP in Cambodia, we always place high importance on technology and communications because we believe that these components are major powerful tools in the recent and in the future country’s development in this modern time.

“It is always exciting to see Cambodian developers use their creativity and turn it into great achievement that will help improve technology and communications in Cambodia. There is no doubt that those achievements will enhance the country’s competitiveness in both regional and global market,” said EZECOM CEO Paul Blanche-Horgan


For more information, visit http://www.cambodiaictaward.com/2017/

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