EZECOM Promotes Reading in Cambodia


Phnom Penh: EZECOM understands very clear the importance of reading for human resource development in Cambodia. We strongly support policies by the Royal Government to promote reading among Cambodian people, and therefore is proud to be a major sponsor in Cambodia Book Fair 2017, being held December 8 at the National Library.

Although technology is constantly moving forward, book remains an indispensable part of learning and knowledge accumulation, both at the personal level and institutional level. In Cambodia, books are the first major knowledge-imparting tool that informs children of languages, culture & traditions, as well as many other subjects. For adults, a good reading habit is useful in expanding general knowledge and improve critical thinking.

Even for EZECOM, a premium internet provider, we still actively encourage our staff to develop reading habits and even provide access to useful books for voluntary reading activities. Research has found that people who read regularly have better memory, less stress, and better concentration on the task at hand compared to those who do not have a reading habit.

Understanding all this, we sincerely encourage all Cambodians to develop good reading habits, so as to foster human resource development in Cambodia and propel our nation forward to an ever brighter future.

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