Sangkranta PPSEZ Idol 2018 Celebrating Khmer New Year


Celebrate this Khmer New Year with "Sangkranta PPSEZ Idol 2018"! Happening Saturday, March 31, in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (PPSEZ) area, this event is designed to create a wonderful Khmer New Year time for people living in the general areas of the PPSEZ, especially the hardworking workers there. 

There will be massive live concert, various events, popular games, product fair and talent contest featuring PPSEZ workers. Entertaining at the event will be superstar Preap Sovath, Khat Sokhim, Peak Mi and many others.

Enjoy free entry and attend in unity to celebrate the beginning of yet another wonderful year in Cambodia! This event is organized by PPSEZ and sponsored in part by EZECOM.

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