EZECOM Collaborates with ITC to Promote Youth and Technology

EZECOM has begun a collaboration with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Techno) to sponsor high speed internet for the key floor of the "Samdech Hun Sen Engineering Talent" Building (អាគារទេព្យកោសល្យវិស្វកម្ម សម្តេច ហ៊ុន សែន), which includes the ITC library and work area of the Techno Incubation Space project. This will improve students' and researchers’ access to high quality internet and ultimately promote youth development and technology.

One of the biggest benefactors of this collaboration is the Techno Incubation Space project – an innovative project by the Institute of Technology of Cambodia that focuses on developing innovative ideas among tech major students by providing a collaborative workplace, counseling and capacity development. Under the collaboration, everyone on the Techno Incubation Space team as well as lecturers and students who use the library now have access to free, top quality, 120 Mbps high-speed internet connection for one year, which is worth in total well over US $10,000 in value.

“For many years, EZECOM has been actively contributing to the development of human resources in Cambodia, especially in the field of technology. The Institute of Technology of Cambodia has been one of our top partners for a very long time, and I am confident that this high speed internet sponsorship will provide many benefits to the students of ITC as well as many other people, ultimately contributing to the development of youth and technology in Cambodia," said Mr. Paul Blanche-Horgan, CEO of EZECOM.

H.E. Dr. Oum Rumny, Director of Institute of Technology of Cambodia, said “ITC has always encouraged students to study, research and use their skills to create something new and become an entrepreneur. The effort to create the Techno Incubation Space project is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students, especially businesses that involve to application of STEM (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering), which is not only benefiting young students, but also can be a major driver of national economic development. For this project to succeed, we of course need cooperation and support from companies like EZECOM as well as other public and private institutions both inside and abroad.” 

With continued attention from the Royal Government, Ministries and relevant institutions, combined with the support of private partners and companies, EZECOM is optimistic that human resources development in Cambodia will continue to rapidly expand in the near future.

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