EZECOM Brings Teams Closer with Commercial Team Trip 2018

To strengthen relationships, foster new friendships and simply create a wonderful experience for the various sections within EZECOM's Commercial department, a three-days-two-nights team building trip to Siem Reap was organized, and it was attended by over 100 staff members from various EZECOM sections and provinces-cities across the Kingdom.

Besides the obvious touring of the magnificent Angkor temple complex, the group also took the opportunity to bring donations to monks in Knat Raingsey pagoda and took part in other social activities such as helping the elderly and people with disability. In addition, it was an invaluable opportunity for the group to partake in team building games, which were very meaningful and fun.

These wonderful memories will be cherished by everyone involved, and the great friendships that have been forged will bring about greater solidarity and operational efficiency that will be reflected in greater quality of service for our customers.



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