EZECOM Promotes Golf Sponsors Cambodian Golf Amateur 2018

EZECOM is proud to promote golf in Cambodia and be the main sponsor of Cambodian Golf Amateur 2018!

Happening at the Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club on the morning of August 25th, the CGA is a yearly tournament designed to be a friendly competition for hobbyist and amateur golfers to come together, play some games, learn more about golf, and most importantly have a good time.

The sports of golf has growing in the past several years with several new golf courses popping up in Phnom Penh and major provinces. However, the rules of the game and how to play it still remain somewhat of a mystery to the majority of Cambodian, even those living in the city. 

We hope by promoting the sport, we can bring more attention and interest to golfing and maybe the experience of golf will be spread to more people in Cambodia. It’s a wonderful sport for adults, and particularly popular amongst men, and it’s also a great way to break some sweat and forge lasting friendships.

We hope many viewers and hobbyists will join us to enjoy some friendly games of golf this August, and we look forward to seeing all the players on the field.

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