EZECOM Creates Convenience for Customers with PayGo Deal

Good news! Now EZECOM customers can make their EZECOM and Telcotech payments through PayGo, which include the PayGo Wallet app and PayGo CashIn kiosks!

To improve convenience and efficiency for our customers, EZECOM has added yet another payment option that all existing customers can make use of. In addition to our cooperation with ABA Bank, ACLEDA Bank, ANZ Royal Bank, MayBank, Wing and others, we are now adding PayGo to the list as well.

PayGo is a powerful and widely available service, especially in Phnom Penh city and major towns. Customers can go completely mobile by paying through the PayGo Wallet app anytime anywhere, or they can make quick and easy payment at the large number of PayGo CashIn kiosks dotted around the city. (For a map of PayGo CashIn kiosks, click here!)

We believe this new addition will make life better for many of our customers and we would like to thank our partner PayGo for the fruitful cooperation. 

For more information, click here for the EZECOM payment process steps.

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