EZECOM Kicks Off 2019 with a Major Meeting

Following resounding success in 2018, on February 1, EZECOM will be organizing a massive celebratory and gathering event dubbed the “2019 EZECOM Kick Off Meeting” to thank and share with our staffs the remarkable acheivements they have realized together in the previous year. 

In this event, EZECOM management will also share with the staff upcoming plans and visions for the new year so that everyone remains on the same page. It should be noted that in 2018, EZECOM pulled many remarkable achievements. The company realized significant market growth, made new changes to improve service and quality, and won a myriad of awards. 

EZECOM believes in the strength of its people and will continue to focus on quality service to deliver the best experience for customers. EZECOM is deeply grateful for the support from all our customers and we promise that 2019 will be an even better year!

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