EZECOM Donates 2,000,000 Riels to AHC, Launches EzeCare project

EZECOM, Cambodia’s premium internet provider, is proud to announce our brand new social development project called EzeCare, which is an expression of our committment to uplifting the people and communities throughout Cambodia. EzeCare will be an ongoing project, and this year EZECOM look to the Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) to make financial contributions and more importantly to bring awareness to the important work of the hospital in providing quality and free medical services to children in Siem Reap and from all over the country. Every year EZECOM will come up with a different initiative to bring support to something important in our society.

“EzeCare is a new extension of a long standing committment from EZECOM to the Cambodian society. By coming up with orginal initiatives by ourselves, we are able to more intimately work with the recipient group and more directly create the impacts we would like to see,” said EZECOM CEO, Paul Blanche-Horgan.

The AHC hospital has been in operations since 1999 and, with the support from various donations and contributions, the hospital brings new hopes to tens of thousands of Cambodian children every year. However, with more patients coming for their service, the cost of operation has been increasing from year to year and it is important that we bring awareness to the works of the hospital, so that more local actors may chime in to help the hospital keep its gates open and provide quality free treatment to Cambodian children from all over the country.

To take part in the EzeCare social media campaign to raise money for AHC and raise awareness about the hospital, simply visit EZECOM Facebook page and share our project video published on June 4th. For every share from this original video, EZECOM will donate 2,000 Riels on your behalf – upto a total of 20,000,000 Riels – to support AHC and its operation.

It should be noted that the EzeCare project will not replace our regular CSR activities and various contributions that EZECOM frequently make in cooperation with various orgnaizations and for a wide array of social causes. EZECOM, as a company, is here to serve the people of Cambodia in many more ways than ensuring their connectivity and quality of internet access. Together, we believe we can build a brighter future for this country and its everyone in it.

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