EZECOM Fully Launches ‘EzeTV’ in Cambodia

After thorough research and development process, we are ready to announce the full scale launch of our latest service – EzeTV!

EzeTV is the marrying between internet and TV, and it can bring “Entertainment Beyond TV” to all EZECOM customers starting today. Using the latest in OTT technology, EzeTV offers you and the whole family the best digital TV experience in Cambodia. With over 85 local and international TV channels for everything from news to documentaries to cartoons, you always have access to a wide variety of quality visual content. In addition, EzeTV brings you the unique advantage of streaming access to live traffic cameras in Cambodia, a very large selection of Cambodian and international KTV songs and more!

Even more impressively, EzeTV is launched in cooperation with SkyOne TV, and we will have campaigns running in seven Boreis in Phnom Penh, including Borei Peng Huot and Borei New World, starting from June 1st.

So, what are you waiting for? At only 08 USD per month, and with no deposit required, you are able to enjoy all the content EzeTV has to offer, providing you are connected to the world using EZECOM internet.

For more details, please visit us at our booths in the seven Bories during the campaign, or at our offices, or call us at hotlines 023 23 81 81 and 085 88 81 81!

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