EZECOM Promotes Technical Innovation through Support of Techno ICC 2019

EZECOM is proud to be a continued and strong supporter of the Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia, organized by the renowned Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). By being a supporter of this event, we hope to continue to kindle the spark of creativity among Cambodian students and propel them to new heights.

The Techno Innovation Challenge Cambodia 2019 aims to be the vibrant platform where young Cambodian students come to activate their potential and move their leadership, creativities and Innovation to the next level.

Beginning since June 1st, the four-week challenge event is mostly performed over the weekends for university students to team up, design, build and pitch their innovative solutions under one of these themes: Internet of Thing or e-Commerce (ICT), Education or Health, and Agriculture or Energy.

Now at the Final Pitch event, the top 8 teams are going to pitch their innovation to the judges on final round to compete for awards at the 4th weekend.

So, join the teams in their Final Pitch this Sunday, June 23, from 8:00am to 12:00am, at ITC’s Conference Hall in building A, and show your support as well as find out which teams and ideas will be the winners of Techno Innovation Challenge 2019!

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