EZECOM Donates 20 Million Riel to Support Angkor Hospital for Children

On September 13, under the EzeCare project, EZECOM management and staffs went to Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) and donated of 20 million riels along with a large number of T-shirts, hats and pens. The AHC is extremely grateful for the generosity and for EZECOM’s support of their hospital.

Mr. THAN Then, EZECOM Chief Commercial Officer, said “Children are the next generations of our nation, so it is very important that we pay attention to the development of every child. Angkor Hospital for Children has been playing a vital role in providing free medical care to Cambodian children, and as such has saved many lives and helped many Cambodian families, especially low income families.”

“Today’s donation is yet another contribution from EZECOM, which is dedicated to the development of Cambodia. EZECOM not only plays an important role in the private sector by being a supplier of high-quality internet services, but we are also actively involved in social activities, especially in education sector, technology, health and the environment, in line with our CSR principles,” he added.

“Through the EzeCare project launched in 2019, EZECOM has further expanded its social activities to assist even more communities throughout Cambodia. EzeCare is the latest CSR project by EZECOM that will be organized every year. This year’s EzeCare campaign focused on Angkor Hospital for Children.”

It should be noted that the EzeCare campaign in 2019, which started in the first half of 2019, is not just about donating 20 million riels to Angkor Hospital for Children, but EZECOM also produced short videos and other contents that it then published on its social media platforms to promote the AHC’s activities as well as calling on the public to support and donate to the AHC, which rely heavily on the donation of local and international donors to continue its operations.

For more info and keep up to date with the EzeCare project, please follow EZECOM's Facebook Page (facebook.com/ezecom) and to make a donation to AHC, please visit www.angkorhospital.org or call 063 963 409.
EzeCare 2019 Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ls9fc-CINQ 

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