Internet Connectivity Key to Realize Banking Sector Dream

Phnom Penh: The buzz in Phnom Penh right now is all about digital connectivity as Cambodia hosts the 22nd ASEAN Banking Conference this week. This is the first time that Cambodia is hosting the ASEAN Banking Conference which rotates through all ASEAN countries every two years.

With some 550 delegates from all over ASEAN as well as many prominent Cambodian attendees and guests, the 2019 conference discusses the theme of “ASEAN Connectivity 2025: A Brave New World of Digital Innovation for One ASEAN Banking Sector”, which highlights the progress and importance of digital technology and digital connectivity for the sector.

During the welcome address on November 25, H.E. CHEA Chanto, Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia, said “I believe that all delegates […] would be able to learn and share experiences with one another in pursuit of enhancing the use of technology in banking operations; whereby it will benefit the ever increasing demand of the customers and strengthen the efficiency and transparency of the banking business.” Similarly, Dr. IN Channy, Chairman of the Association of Banks in Cambodia & President of ACLEDA Bank, also remarked on the importance of integrating digital technology in its operations, saying “the digital transformation is beyond just moving from traditional banking to a digital world. It is a major change in how banks and other financial institutions learn about interaction with and satisfy customers.”

Mrs. Yuni Lee Heathcote, CEO of EZECOM, is an attendee at the event and she sees how internet connectivity plays an important role as the digital infrastructure in supporting the banking sector while it pursues its inevitable digital transformation.

“The banking industry is going through critical digital transformation, including collaboration and adoption of fintech and blockchains, in order to stay relevant in today’s business. EZECOM is proud to be the preferred ISP provider for enterprise business. We are indeed going through digital transformation within to ensure we always stay relevant and beyond for our enterprise customers,” she said.

EZECOM, which has been a leading ISP for enterprise businesses in Cambodia including the banking sector since 2007, is also a sponsor of the 22nd ASEAN Banking Conference. EZECOM brought Cambodia the first ever submarine cable in 2017 to expand its internet capacity as well as improve speed, reliability and security to meet the increasing need for high quality connectivity in the Kingdom.

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