EZECOM Sets Sight on New Decade with “Town Hall 2019”

The entire EZECOM staff is in an upbeat during EZECOM Town Hall 2019 as EZECOM CEO, Ms. Yuni Lee Heathcote, expresses her visions for the company and reaffirms the company’s success. Aimed at bringing everyone together and help the staff of EZECOM set sights on the same goal, Town Hall 2019 is part of a bigger effort to transform EZECOM into the best and biggest ISP for enterprise in Cambodia and beyond.

The event was extra special thanks to the presence of several senior management of the Royal Group including Ian Watson, Mark Hanna, Chris Tiffin and Nicky Enriquez, who took the time off of their busy schedules to show their support for EZECOM and share critical insights during our panel discussion. As part of the Royal Group of Cambodia, EZECOM is proud to be supporting and working with sister companies in the Royal Group to serve our customers better and grow together.

Town Hall 2019 is only the first of a series of Town Hall events planned for the foreseeable future. With these events and other concerted efforts, EZECOM hope to further strengthen our staff and cement ourselves as the preferred ISP of choice for business in Cambodia.

EZECOM Town Hall 2019 took place at Factory Phnom Penh on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019.





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