EZECOM Promotes English Language Training in Cambodia

English language skill is one of the most important supplementary skills for all working youth and adult in Cambodia. Therefore, the quality English language education in Cambodia is a key factor in promoting human resource development and economic growth in the country.

EZECOM knows the importance of this work, and as such we are proud to be the Internet Sponsor of the 2020 CamTESOL ‘21st Century ELT: Approaches for Effective Practices’ which is being held 7-9 February 2020 at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC).

EZECOM has been a sponsor of the CamTESOL Conference for many years in a row now, and we will continue to support this sector in the future as well. CamTESOL brings together classroom teachers of English and teacher trainers, researchers in the fields of ELT and linguistics, administrators of English language schools and universities, educators with an interest in international language education.

To learn more and keep an update on the event, please visit www.camtesol.org!


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