EZECOM Rolls Out Double Internet Speed to EzeSurf Customers to Combat Covid-19 Outbreak

During this time of global Covid-19 outbreak, internet connectivity has become more important than ever. As such, EZECOM is pleased to announce that we are providing FREE double speed upgrade to all of our EzeSurf package customers starting today! 


This is intended to help our valued customers work from home more effectively and stay connected to the news, services and most importantly their family and friends. The free EzeSurf double speed upgrade has been designed to roll out automatically for maximum customer convenience. Customers do not need to come to EZECOM office or do anything in particular, their base internet speed will simply see upgrade right away. 


This benefit will also apply to NEW customers signing up for our EzeSurf packages. If you are interested in signing up for a EzeSurf package or any other package or service from EZECOM, please visit www.ezecom.com.kh or call our hotlines 023 23 81 81 and 085 88 81 81. 


This free double speed upgrade is intended to help combat the Covid-19 outbreak, and is a way that EZECOM contribute and create value for our society – this time by helping people stay safe and work from home more effectively. This free internet speed upgrade will last for 3 months from now until the end of June. EZECOM will continue to come up with new ways to help combat the Covid-19 situation in our capacity as Cambodia’s premium internet provider. 


EZECOM also highly encourages our customers and stakeholders to consider making their payments remotely using our many payment gateway partners such as Wing, J Trust Royal bank, ABA bank, Maybank and other providers to further combat this outbreak together. 


We thank you very much for always trusting EZECOM’s premium internet. Please stay safe and stay connected!  For new sign up, click here

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