EZECOM launches EzeSurf Plus to better serve home users

On Wednesday EZECOM announced the launch of EzeSurf Plus, a new internet package with amazing offers and highly attractive pricing for home users.

Priced at only 27$/month for the recommended 12 Mbps package, EzeSurf Plus is already capturing attention and overwhelming support from the consumer base. This is probably the best value offer yet from EZECOM, offering effectively 200% the speed for the same price along with so many other bonuses!

For instance, in additional to the free 200% speed upgrade, users also get a lot of bonus speed for popular contents such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Netflix and app stores. In addition, they get another double speed upgrade at night and during the weekend when most home users consume contents. Not to mention they get a beautiful giveaway immediately on sign up as well!

For more information and signing up, call 023 23 81 81 / 085 88 81 81 or visit ezecom.com.kh/ezesurfplus today!

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