New MegaSurf to Provide Premium Home Internet Experience

EZECOM is proud to launch MegaSurf, a brand-new internet offer that will provide the most premium home internet experience yet! 

Please welcome MegaSurf! With this new offer we are bringing to the market interesting new technology along with speed like you’ve never seen before. First off, we have to mention the amazing speed options. With a minimum 30 Mbps base speed and can go all the way to 100 Mbps base speed, MegaSurf is designed with heavy users and large families in mind. In addition, the speed in symmetrical is nature, meaning both your upload and download actions will be equally fast. This “mega speed” is applied to all activities and related services even their on-demand OTT TV service. 

Next, let’s talk about “Mesh WiFi”. This amazing device technology enable smarter and faster communication between your Mesh WiFi routers and your digital devices while also resolve the issue of “dead zones” when multiple WiFi routers are deployed together in an area. This provides the most seamless access and connectivity for your entire family. 

This “Mesh WiFi” technology also pairs perfectly with our “managed home WiFi solution”, which comes in the form of a mobile phone application. Dubbed EzeWiFi, this special mobile app serves the function of a control center for all your routers while also allowing for better security and many useful features. One of the most requested features is the ability to filter certain contents, such as adult contents, on specific devices connected to the WiFi. This is a feature that many parents would definitely appreciate. 

To top it all off, there is a PROMOTION going on to celebrate this launch wherein you can get up to 3 Mesh WiFi routers for FREE, which is worth $195 in value!  

Learn more about MegaSurf and our special limited-time promotion at or call 023 23 81 81 and 085 88 81 81. Thank you! 

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