The country’s premium internet service provider EZECOM is offering increased bandwidth at reduced prices to suit the needs of those who are working and studying at home as a result of Covid-19.


EZECOM’s new Home package is an upgrade of an existing deal that offers increased value for money at a time when more people are going online for working and studying. The new package offers increased bandwidth at the same prices to students studying online as well as businesses that are working from home.


According to EZECOM, with schools closed and a large number of the workforce now working from home, fast, reliable and secure internet is essential to keep schools and businesses running. In addition, internet use has increased significantly which has put greater demands on connectivity at home. It is for this reason that EZECOM has created new value-added bandwidth packages to ease the burden on those relying on the internet to continue their children’s education and to keep their businesses operational.


The new package offers more bandwidth at the same price. For example, EZECOM has now increased the 30mbps to 50 mbps while maintain the USD $29 price. And those who were previously paying USD $49 for 50mbps will now have 100mbps while those who were being charged USD $69 for 100mbps are being offered 150mbps for the same price.


EZECOM’s new customers will automatically be offered the new Home packages while existing customers are also being offered the ‘bandwidth upgrade’. The tagline for EZECOM’s new offering is ‘Challenging at work and study? Home package offer Extra Bandwidth at The Same Price from EZECOM!’.

“We, at EZECOM constantly changing with the current situation, we understand the need of our customers for the big bandwidth, high speed internet to support to their study and working from home” said EZECOM Chief Executive Officer Ms. Yuni Lee Heathcote. ”This is why we have created a brand new package aimed at those who are working and studying at home. We know this new offering will meet the public’s ongoing needs.”

The new Home packages, which also offers speed, security and reliability, is ideal for customers using remote security camera applications. The package also offers unlimited data usage, fibre optic dependability and 24 hour technical support. The Home package also has a dedicated APP for managing home networks and will be available starting from April 26, 2021. To sign up for the new Home upgrade package visit www.ezecom.com.kh.


EZECOM was founded in 2007 to serve the rapidly expanding business and home use internet market in Cambodia and has since become the Kingdom’s leading provider of innovative communications services including fiber optic internet, IPLC, DPLC, MPLS, VPLS and other Internet-based VAS solutions and services. At EZECOM, we empower people, business, and nation, to co-create and curate your digital

future. Our mission is commits to “Sparking digital experiences through agile and relevant digital data and digital platforms.”

Our company has incorporated its own fiber optic Internet network across Cambodia supported by MPLS and a custom-built world-class Data Centre. Recognizing the need for high quality, reliable internet services, EZECOM has consistently invested in digital infrastructure, including the MCT submarine cable, which was brought onshore in Cambodia in 2017, in partnership with Telekom Malaysia and Symphony Thailand. These critical investments ensure a level of performance suited to the most demanding modern corporate and home customers. Our innovative solutions and robust infrastructure have made us the market leader in our field and a driver of Cambodia’s digital revolution.

Address: No. #7D Russian Boulevard Cambodia Chamber of Commerce Building, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel: (+855) 023 23 81 81


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