Offer Best Internet Options For Your Business

MegaBiz packages are designed to fulfill the needs of SMEs customers with up to 300 Mbps of symmetrical internet speed and all-in-one solution included. Modernize your business with the first WiFi manageable mobile app, EzeWiFi App, and digitalize your work with our cloud-based services, Microsoft 365.

MegaBiz Business Packages

ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image

Features & Benefits

Mega high speed
to Internet and local

Data Usage

100% Fiber Optic

Dynamic Public IP

EzeWiFi App
(Mesh WiFi Router:
Purchase Separately)

24/7 Support

Available add-on service to purchase separately

EzeWiFi App for Business

EzeWiFi app, Cambodia's first managed WiFi mobile application,
is the latest technology designed for effective and efficient router management
for your business.

EzeWiFi Mobile App Features for Business

Speed Tests

Helps diagnose issues with broadband connection and wireless device speed test

Event Timeline

Shows a live feed of network events and troubleshooting alerts

Setup Wizard

Provides easy setup guidance with a QR code scan, tips, and live updates

IoT Fingerprinting

Displays device descriptions and insights via proprietary 26-point technology

Web Filters

Create user profiles and filter content, limit usage, pause devices, and more

Intelligent Notifications

Security alerts, connectivity alerts, network recommendations, and more

EzeWiFi Security Features for Business

Admission Control

Prevents unknown devices from joining the network with notifications and admit/deny

Zero-day Protection

Automatically detectsknown vulnerabilities and makes recommendations

Privacy, Protected

Doesn't use deep packet inspection and can disable tracking and adware

Device Isolation

Prevents damage from devices compromised with malware via detection and pause

System Hardening

Protects the router from attacks and data breaches with monitoring and updates

Aggregated Insights

Provides threat history and intel, including severity and descriptions