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EzeBiz package designed to fulfill SMEs customer needs and offer better experience with high performance to all customers. With EzeBiz, all customers now enjoy new perks, like symmetrical upload and download speed, off-peak double speed, additional bonus speed for popular contents like Youtube, Facebook and many more benefits with our 24/7 helpline support. Call us now for more information.

Special Promotion!

Starting today, when you sign up for EzeBiz 10 Mbps, 30 Mbps and 50 Mbps, you will immediately get up to 05 Cellcard Data SIMs for FREE, which give a total of 3,500 MB in mobile data and other benefits every month! Please see detailed info below.

New EzeBiz Sign Up 10 Mbps 30 Mbps 50 Mbps
Price $118 $338 $540
FREE Data SIM 5* 2 2 3
FREE Data SIM 6** - 1 2

*   Data SIM 5 is a unique Cellcard SIM that gives free 5,000 MB data & 100 SMS every month

** Data SIM 6 is a unique Cellcard SIM that gives free 10,000 MB data & 100 SMS every month

Note: Data SIM users may top-up their balance through Wing & any bank partners of Cellcard. Data SIM users may purchase the iNET500, iNET1000 and iNET2000 add-ons through Cellcard App to further add data and validity to their SIM cards. This promotion lasts for 6 months.

Best Selling Packages

ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image

We are offering the best available packages.
Please contact us at or call +855(0)23 23 81 81 for more information.

Features & Benefits

Equal Upload/Download

The only ISP in Cambodia that actually offer true equal upload and download speed for users at this price point. Get the best performance when working on large files with EzeBiz connection.

Off-Peak Double Speed

Get a special leg up during unconventional operating time. Enjoy twice the purchased speed at night and weekend.

Bonus Speed for Popular Content

Enjoy a massive bonus speed for lightning fast performance on some of your most used services including YouTube, Facebook, App Store and more.

Maximum Availability

EzeBiz has 99.95% uptime, which is the highest possible industry standard to date. This means you practically always have a fast and reliable internet access.

Free Modem Rental

Incur no extra fees because we have a high quality modem for you to use for free! It doesn’t get better than this!

No Deposit Required

Take advantage of the limited time “No Deposit” benefit for any and all EzeBiz package subscription. Act today while promotion lasts.

24/7 Support

Real-time, around the clock hotline support gives you complete confidence and peace of mind in the small off chance that any issue might occur.


We offer customized options and ultimate of high speed performance to fit your business needs.

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