Dedicated Internet Packages

Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet designed to fit the needs of large corporations, enterprises and organizations to fulfill the high-end demand for ultimate speed, reliability and security. The key term “Dedicated” in Dedicated Internet refers to one-on-one internet sharing, which ensures constantly high speed and stability 24/7. Customers will enjoy full customer service and technical support with Service-Level Agreement (SLA). Dedicated Internet also boasts other benefits such as 200% upload speed, 200% download speed off-peak, massive boost for local speed, and especially best performance for most destinations in China.

Best Selling Packages

ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image

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Features & Benefits

Dedicated 1:1 Internet Sharing

Experience the ultimate of internet connection quality! Complete peace of mind with regard to speed, availability, reliability and security.

Twice the Upload Power

Get two times the speed you bargained for every task where an upload is involved. Massive upside for organizations that sends a lot of data.

Off-Peak Double Speed

Get a special leg up during the unconventional operating time. Enjoy twice the purchased speed at night and weekend.

Bonus Speed for Local Content

Enjoy a massive bonus speed for lightning fast performance on some of the most used social services including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Skype and more.

Ultimate Availability

Dedicated Internet has 99.99% uptime with optional 1+1 protection, which is the ultimate standard for internet. This means you practically always have a fast and reliable internet connection.

Service-Level Agreement

Benefit from extra level of customization and commitment from your service provider with an official service-level agreement with EZECOM.

Best Performance to Top Destinations

Take advantage of our express routes to various top destinations such as China, EU and more.

24/7 Support

Real-time, around the clock hotline and on-site support gives you complete confidence and peace of mind in the small off-chance that any issue might occur.