The Mega Residential Package with Best Managed Home WiFi Solution

MegaSurf packages are designed to fulfill the needs of users living in larger residents, apartments as well as households that will cover nations wide coverage who want mega-smooth and mega-fast internet connection for their entire family.

Our fast and seamless connectivity allows our users to make the most of their smart appliances and gadgets as well as adopt a more digital lifestyle at home. Thanks to our new EzeWiFi app, users can easily manage their routers and troubleshooting problems can be done quickly and effectively. This is the mega-experience of MegaSurf!

Best Selling Packages

ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image
ezecom dedicated internet figure image


Features & Benefits


With up to 150 Mbps of symmetrical and high quality fiber optic internet paired with Mesh WiFi technology, your entire family can enjoy the best internet experience every day!

EzeWiFi App

Manage your routers and take control over your system in an intuitive and convenient app. EzeWiFi will make troubleshooting easier and quicker as well.

Mesh WiFi Technology

This is Cambodia’s first introduction of Mesh WiFi in Cambodia. This cutting-edge technology makes it so that your WiFi coverage is strong everywhere with no “dead zone”.

One High Speed

for Internet & Local


Data Usage


Fiber Optic

NAT IP for remote

security camera

EzeWiFi App for

Manage Home Network

(Mesh Wifi Router Sold Separately)



OTT Service is Required

to Purchase Separately

About EzeWiFi

A simple app to easily manage your routers, monitor usage and more.

Smart Connectivity

Manage your routers, test network health, and even see who's home.

Digital Parenting

Monitor device activities, filter adult content, and even pause internet by profile!

Network Protection

Control device admission, do 7-points vulnerability scan and get alerts and recommendations

More information about application, click here