What is EZECOM's internet service coverage in the country?

Our fibre internet and network infrastructures covers all cities and provinces throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

What is the fastest internet option I can purchase from EZECOM?

Our FTTX infrastructure offers high-speed gigabit transit performance. Please contact our sales team if you have specific inquiries. Call us at 023 888 181 or 085 888 181, or email us at!

How long will it take to sign up and have a new internet connection working at my office?

Depending on where your office is and availabilities of the installation team, our new customer connection shall be activated within 3 to 7 business days after payment has been received.


What is the redundancy plan for EZECOM ibizCloud Service?

Virtualized hardware environment of EZECOM ibizCloud adopts fully redundant design:

  • Hardware equipments are hosted in the carrier-grade data center’s standard server cabinets with dual power source for each cabinet.
  • Physical servers with multiple power supplies.
  • Multiple connections to WAN per physical server.
  • Distributed parity volumes (RAID 5) across the physical servers of a grid to enable automated recovery of appliances.
  • Multiple Internet upstream paths for both local and international access.

Will EZECOM help me to install software to the VM?

EZECOM ibizCloud only offers VMs running CentOS or Windows OS (IaaS), Internet connections (BaaS) and dedicated connections (DBaaS, ODVLL) to customers at this stage. Software-as-a-Service may be developed in the future when we see potential market in particular software industry.

Are there any limitations on usage for EZECOM ibizCloud Service?

In order to ensure the computing resources can be fairly used among the subscribers, EZECOM had developed an Acceptable Use Policy to provide guidelines to end users; the guideline is attached in the service order form and can be sent to users upon request.

If I have subscribed more than one VM, can I share the purchased resources among the VMs?

Subscribed resources are not on shared basis. Each VM’s capacity is independent to each other and cannot be transferred.

What is the support plan for EZECOM ibizCloud Service?

For technical support, a 7x24x365 Call Center had been set up by EZECOM and International

Network Operation Center to response customers by email ( and phone call (023/085 888 181).

If my VM does not work, will EZECOM provide backup points for restoration?

Customers may subscribe backup service for their VM, which is a value-added service for quick recovery. Daily rates are applied. Customer is responsible for the backup and restoring of Customer Content* under any circumstances. * Customer Content means the Third Party Software that Client installs and hosts on the Services, and any other content, materials or data that Client uses, installs, uploads or hosts on the Services.

How does EZECOM ibizCloud separate customer’s data from one another?

Cloud system controls all I/O and components as well as tunnels through the network. A zero-trust security model has been implemented to automatically restrict incoming and outgoing traffic only to the assigned IP addresses, drop and ignore any packets launched outside a VM

Is VM snapshot supported?

Yes, customers may subscribe backup service for their VM, which is a value-added service for quick recovery. Daily rates are applied.

Does ibizCloud have High Availability design?

EZECOM provides a built-in high availability platform, which is equipped with full hardware redundancy that single point of failure is protected. For BaaS, DBaaS and ODVLL service, connectivity is provisioned via fully redundant EZECOM-MPLS network and local Internet with SLA.

What is the SLA for EZECOM ibizCloud Service?

Monthly Uptime Percentage - 99.9%. Please refer to EZECOM ibizCloud Service Level Agreement for more detail.

Internet Connection

Why is my internet so slow?

Slow Internet access can be the result of several factors, for example:

  • In some case designated web/Internet server is overloaded or linked to a congested/populated-route Internetwork.
  • Your computer and/or devices need to be checked for hardware upgrade and/or software optimization. In many cases, slow computers leads to a slow internet experience.
  • Global/continental Internet upstream connection is disrupted/damaged caused by other marine activity such as fishing, marine research or marine development.

How can I make my WiFi access more stable?

When installing a wireless/WiFi access-point/router it is important to check below recommendations:

  • Talk to our sales team or call center to find out the recommended brand and model of wireless access-point/router suitable for your needs.
  • Choose a good central and balanced point of location in a building where wireless access users are going to be working from.
  • Keep your AP/router safe and protected by using strong passwords and keeping regular firmware updates.

How can I optimize my office Internet usage?

We highly recommend our customers to assess their office network setup and business needs. Monitor and measure the usage so you will get you an idea on how to improve your network and internet setup. There are several technical tools online that can be used to shape netflow traffic graph. In addition, implementing a Firewall policy is a good routine. The most important aspect to improving internet access is user’s education. Encourage users to use the Internet responsibly, productively and safely.


How can I manage my email via webmail?

Many people are mostly using laptop or smartphone to access their email. However, there are times when you need to quickly access your email on a temporary computer. For instance, your devices ran out of battery and you forgot your charger. That’s when a webmail will be useful.Here is the link to access your email. Once you have signed in to your webmail, you can also manage Autoreply, forwarding to another address and change password.

What email clients are compatible EZECOM email server?

  • Outlook 2003
  • Windows 8 Mail
  • Mac Mail
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android

What are best practices for email?

Here are recommendations to ensure delivery of your business email communication. Due to increasing problems with spam and malicious email developed by hackers attempting to exploit access to computer systems, today’s email server system are equipped with sophisticated tools and rules (sender policies) to counter malicious attacks. Occasionally, an email cannot be delivered to a recipient because the sender server does not meet the receiver’s sender policy framework (SPF). Here are the dos and don’ts.


  • Ensure your email delivery server meets standard SPF (see
  • Keep the server secured by applying updates and security fixes
  • Keep your email simple and unique
  • Protect your system from virus and malware attacks
  • Use external mass-delivery services like if you need to push advertisements to your customers
  • Use modern and secure file sharing platforms to share large files


  • Use your business email system to send advertising emails
  • Send to too many recipients (more than 50) at once
  • Send large files (larger than 10Mb)
  • Include pictures in your email signature

I have a problem accessing my EZECOM email account. Help!

If you are using webmail to read and send emails following the URL, ensure that your username (email address) and password are correct.

If you forgot your password, contact our call center number 023/085 888 181 and be sure to have your EZECOM customer ID details and your national ID card/international passport to verify your ownership of the account. If the email account is registered with your company, ensure relevant documents are present. The other way to resolve this issue is to contact our sales personnel assigned to your account directly.

My company’s email address is not receiving emails. Help!

First of all you should check with your colleagues to see if they are experiencing the same issue or not. Most people from a user point of view would try to send a test email from their personal email to verify. This is not a bad approach because you can quickly receive a bounce message, which will include a clue to the problem why your address cannot be reached. A few things could lead to unreachable email:

  • Wrong address
  • Sender mail server doesn’t comply with recipient ISP or email hosting company. For example, sender server has low reputable rate or messages are blocked as spam.
  • Receiving email server is not reachable or not available

Find out more on Sender Policy Framework ( and Domain Keys Identified Mail ( for more information about how to improve your email delivery policies.

Follow this link to check the EZECOM email server status. Most web and email hosting companies provide backend login to cPanel and WHM interface as a good window to monitor and troubleshoot you email services.

A few recipients cannot receive my email but others can. Help!

Assuming that your colleagues are receiving emails but you cannot, here are a few scenarios could lead to identifying the issues.

  • Wrong address
  • Your mailbox is full
  • Recipients’ email systems encounter issues including mail-client program like Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird has issue connecting to the server
  • Your email client program or Antivirus has moved or blocked an email from specific sender as a result of Spam filtering protection

To quickly proof above prediction of the problem, you could simply try to send a test email from your personal email to further escalate the troubleshooting steps to system administrator level.

Email - Problems

How do spammers affect your IP reputation?

Spammers steal user accounts and compromise mail servers exploiting security gaps. Once an account or server has been compromised, large amounts of spam can be sent – all without your knowledge. When email receivers see spam coming from your account or server, they may block you temporarily.

What can I do if my IP address is blacklisted?

You can check your IP against many search tools available for free online. For example:

What can I do if my IP address is blacklisted?

You need to delist your IP from the blacklist using the following methods:

  • Self-Service Removal. There are a few blacklists with a self-service removal feature that lets you take your IP address off the list without much trouble. However, you'll want to make sure you've resolved any issues before doing this. If you don't and your IP address gets listed again, it won't be easy to get it removed that next time.
  • Time-Based Removal. Most blacklists have a built-in, automatic process that removes lower-level listings (IP addresses that are light offenders) within a week or two. But if the IP address had sent spam more than once or send off a high volume of spam, the time period for being removed will be longer.

Why can I NOT send mail out?

Many reasons might cause this issue:

  • Incorrect mail client configurations
  • Your IP has been blacklisted
  • Recipient’s mail serve reject your mails
  • Your messages have been blocked by Ezecom SpamFilter

How do I know which computer is broadcasting spam within my network?

You can know this by using a software tool to scan which device is accessing to port 25 continuously. Some examples of tools for this are Scanport, Wiresharkand Microtek.

How can I protect my network from spam?

There are several things you may need to do to protect your LAN from spam:

  • Scan all computers on your network for viruses
  • See if there are any known and needed "patches" (updates and fixes) for your operating system
  • Configure routers more securely
  • Establish and enforce stronger passwords
  • Configure mail server correctly
  • Make sure forward and reverse DNS records are all correct

How do I enable Auto Forward and Auto Reply?

  • Log into your webmail at
  • Click on Settings on the top right side of webmail window
  • Click on Filters in Settings
  • Click on the second (+) plus sign in the third panel from left
  • Filter definition window will appear

To set Auto Forward:

  • In the execute the following actions box please select Redirect message to
  • Then type in forwarding email into second box
  • Hit Save after finish

To set Auto Reply:

  • In the execute the following actions box please select Reply with message
  • Type in the message body, subject
  • Then fill in My additional e-mail address(es)
  • Hit Save button after finish

Why do I receive so much spam?

There are a few reasons that cause this:

  • You use your email to register on unknown websites on internet
  • Malware/virus on other people’s computer have checked their address book and send out spam to your mailbox

What to do when my mails get blocked by the Ezecom SpamFilter?

EZECOM has multiple layers of SPAM filtering gateway, it prevents spam from leaving the network.

If the mails you are sending out look like spam, then they will be blocked by our SpamFilter.

Please contact IT Support team if you think your mails have been blocked by Ezecom SpamFilter.

What kinds of error messages will I see if I am blocked?

1 451 Not currently accepting mail from your ip – psmtp
2 421 STRING (STRING) Unfortunately, some messages from weren't sent. Please try again. We have limits for how many messages can be sent per hour and per day. You can also refer to
3 421 Service unavailable – try again later
4 554 (RTR:BL)
5 475 access from your network is restricted, try later
6 550 Rejected:, listed at for remediation.
7 421 STRING cox blocked – Error Code: CDRBL – Refer to Error Codes section at for more information.
8 571 Email from is currently blocked by Verizon Online's STRING system. The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit and request removal of the block. NUMBER
9 554 5.7.1 – ERROR: Mail refused – <> – See
10 421 4.4.2 service timed out.


How can my kids use the Internet safely?

Safe internet access for children is critical. Therefore, we highly recommend our customers to explore continuous education about how to avoid abusive content, exploitation, stolen identity and other cyber-crimes. There are also technical solutions in order to protect your computer and devices from such potential issues listed below.

What is a phishing email? How can I protect myself from it?

A phishing email is created to target a specific group of people with a malicious intention to gather information like username ID and password of a computer user, and escalate access to sensitive sites like online banking, email account, social media account and company’s internal system.

Being aware of such unethical intentions, one can predict a phishing email by looking for specific valid details often not included by the spammer. Credible information like your full name and account detail are usually revealed by your bank, organization or system providers in an email regarding the announcement or campaign. It is also important for you to always verify with the bank about such changes or action needed from your end.

Technically, you can have your devices protected by implementing endpoint security software like antivirus suite and email protection system. Last but not least, you should report such suspicious activity by forwarding the email to future investigations and contribution to fighting against cyber-fraud in Cambodia.

What are the ICT security questions I should ask myself?

ICT security threats are real so it is important to keep up with the latest information both at work and personally. Keep your devices, passwords safe and under control

  • Ensure your passwords are complex so that it’s not easy to guess. If you do have to write it down somewhere or share it with someone, you should be confident that they would not fall into the wrong hand.
  • Because you might have to keep many devices and login accounts, which also need renewing from time to time, using a password management tool might be necessary. Learn about Apple Keychain, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane.

Get familiar with trusted sources when it comes to installing or accepting a new application onto your devices. Implement more layers of security by using Antivirus or Anti-malware protection system on your devices.

Learn more about information security through the news and how to counter measure against new cyber threads like system vulnerabilities, man-in-the-middle attacks and needs for system patches.

How can I maximize security of important information?

When the stakes are high, your sensitive information and business can be at risk because of targeted breach attempts. Understanding how your system is structured and its weaknesses will give you a good chance in protecting your system during inconvenient time.

Work with your IT personnel to keep a close watch on the system access logs. Ensure the access history is secured for future review and analysis. Contact our representatives once you have substantial information about the upstream attempts. Our technical team will be happy to assist you on specific cases. We also work closely with CamCERT (Cambodia Computer Emergency Response Team) to assist in incident response procedure.

I have received a certificate error message every time I login on a website. Should I be worried? How do I get around this problem?

Most websites including login and sensitive information protect the transactions by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or HTTPS certificate to encrypt information between the users’ computers and server systems. Previously organizations use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect access to information using a public Internet. However, with the growing need for mobile workforce, the shift to HTTPS was adopted widely.

Unfortunately, a sophisticated hacker will try to go around the secure line by trying to perform a man-in-the-middle attack, usually at the network provider where you connect your wireless device to at the time. The hacker’s machine will operate a counterfeit self-signed certificate to confuse the user. Therefore, an up-to-date browser will alert the danger of potential threats by generating a certificate error message. You should contact your system administrator to report the incident for better analysis. Your system administrator might suggest a traditional VPN connection as an alternative solution.

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